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Korpus Kristy's DRIVING will be heard on two FM stations and in four states!

Many of you may have seen the name Korpus Kristy headlined by musician Kristy Cepielik, but may have never taken time to listen to their music. Well, you may not have a choice if the songwriter from Sierra Madre, California's original tune "Driving" proves to be the hit it is being positioned to be. It is expected that we will all will be hearing a lot more from Cepielik, as her music is hitting FM Radio in the next few days. "Driving" will be played on the morning shows on KISS FM, Atlanta, Georgia and on 98 FM in Phoenix to test the response. In total, the song will be heard in four states. If the Cepielik gains the attention that is expected, the singer will get more radio time. In the past month she has been interviewed by Exposed Vocals as a 'Featured Artist' and her second CD, "For the Good of Mankind," is being mastered and going to press in the next few days.

Cepielik's band, Korpus Kristy & the Skinwalkers (KKS) is full of eclectic talent, with contributing members Gary Putman of Dread Zeppelin and Ardy Sarraf of The Beatles tribute band, The Fab Four. A video of the duet sung by Sarraf and Cepielik, "Ain't Gonna Marry You," will be on YouTube next week.

KKS music is fresh, serious, comical, diverse and extremely catchy. It is a mix of Pop, Punk and Rock with a definite country influence. The band has gained the attention of Atlantic Records in the past, as well as GMC Corporation in 2015 for a national campaign. A video is being shot for "Driving."

Aside from being a prolific singer/songwriter, Cepielik is a Marriage and Family Therapist. Perhaps this is where she gets so much fuel for her tongue-in-cheek style of writing that seems to endlessly pour out of her. Korpus Kristy and her fans have a lot to look forward to in 2016.

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