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Photo taken at DisneyLand, approx. 1978. Beverley Taranto (Kristy's Mother - right) and Kristy Cepielik - Left) Photographer Kathy Dixon


Kristy Cepielik, Arcadia, CA - May 27th, 2018
//  Origin:  Pasadena, California
//  Genres:  Americana/Rock/Country
//  Seeking Representation
Songwriter Kristy Cepielik, known as Korpus Kristy, has been on UK radio, KISS FM and an affiliated station in Georgia. 

Korpus Kristy & the Skinwalkers are Los Angeles musicians with an unending original set list. Songwriter Kristy Cepielik is the band's front woman and her music is considered Americana, hinging on rock and traditional country from the 1970's era. With two self produced albums High Maintenance Girl and The Hookah Tale, recently released in late 2016, Cepielik continues to churn out material as though it was pouring from a fountain. She will be releasing her third album, Playing Possum in 2018.

Gary Putman of Dread Zeppelin is a constant with Cepielik. They have been playing live and in the studio together for over a decade. He brings a modern edge to the music with his eight string guitar. Putman's duet on Golden Ring is just what is needed in making a classic song sound so fresh, while keeping its integrity.
Cepielik is seeking representation, focused on moving past the corridor of major companies that have paid attention to her music for national commercials. The product and work ethic is there. The package needs to be delieverd into the right hands with the right team behind her. 
Who is Korpus Kristy?
Kristina Michele Cepielik
Where she lives: Suburb of Los Angeles, California
Albums: The Hookah Tale, High Maintenance Girl
Radio: KISS FM, Georia & UK Radio 
Education: 1-9th grade, Catholic School, San Marino, CA - Graduate of Temple City High School
College AA Art History, Cal Poly Pomona Graduate, BS in Communications/Public Relations
Master's Degree: Pacific Oaks Graduate, Psychology MFT
Current Employment: Landlord; Infidelity Therapist at; Owner of Natural Deodorant
Former Employment: Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Fannie Mae.
Passions: God, music, family, helping animals in need, RVing
Interesting facts:
Former Web Designer and programmer, she creates and manages her business Websites and marketing
Produces her own music 
Untrained musicin/songwriter, plays by ear
Has written well over 500 songs
Plays guitar, harmonica, piano & ukulele
Instruments: PRS electric, Fender Strat 1980s era; Acoustics: Martin, Taylor, Larrivee, Guild 12 string, Fender Malibu, 1968, Tacoma Travel Guitar, Tacoma Acoustic Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Jameson 6 string banjo, Gold Tone 6 string mandolin, Johnson Steel Body Guitar, Regal Resonator Guitar, Steel, glass, porcelain and brass slides, Fender Tube, California Blonde and Line 6 amps, Lee Oskar Harmonicas
Pets: Former owner of Kristy's Kritters Animal Rescue. Has placed over 300 stray animals into forever homes
All of her pets are rescues. Kristy owned a coyote mix named Wylie and a dog in a wheelchair with a spinal injury named Sloane. Both died of natural causes as seniors.
Travels frequently with her family and dogs
Personality: Considers herself a homebody and prefers to just observe, but can break out if it when needed. Wears her heart on her sleeve. 
Favorite TV shows: Vintage - Sanford and Son, Leave it to Beaver, Welcome Back Kotter, Columbo, new shows: Rescue Mediums, Ghost Brothers...
Movies: Slingblade, Miracle on 34th Street, Moonstruck, You've Got Mail
Music she listens to regularly: Country genre; George Jones, Merle Haggard, Ashley Monroe, Miranda Lambert, Holly Williams, Hank Williams Jr, some Hank Williams III, John Conlee, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton... Rock & more: Stones (Beggars Banquet, Exile...), Billy Holliday, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley, some Kid Rock & Jack White, Led Belly, Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker, Faces, Rod Stewart...
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